Solarpro Holding has its own internal department for research and development of new products and solutions in the field of clean energy technologies. The company invests a percentage of annual turnover in the research and development of innovative products and services. The department has its own laboratory for conducting research and testing of technical devices, analysis and testing and monitoring of operating parameters in real time. The team consists of highly qualified specialists, including doctors, associate professors and professors with international experience and qualifications.


  • Energy Storage
  • RES Generators
  • Power Electronics
  • Smart grids and systems. Smart cities. Energy efficiency
  • Clean transport solution


  • Technical and financial consultancy in the development of projects in the field of energy efficiency and clean technologies
  • Develop a complete project or product from concept to pilot realization
  • Preparation of analysis and reports on some of the areas of research and development
  • Measurement and testing of technologies and products in the field of clean technology. Analysis of the technical and economic situation.
  • Preparation of recommendations for improvement and of the device / equipment.


  • Research, testing and development of a Glas-Glas photovoltaic module assembling technology using a bi facial photovoltaic cell

  • Development of a MPPT DC/DC converter that allows the direct connection of a photovoltaic system to a conventional electric water heater for efficient water heating.

  • Development of an AC / AC converter that provides usage of excess electricity for heating water with a standard on-grid photovoltaic system

  • Development of a DC/DC charging station providing a 50kW fast charge

  • Development of “Intelligent Controller for Energy Management of Stationary Hybrid Storage System”