Most of the base stations of the mobile operators are installed in places where electricity is not available or the electrical grid is unstable and with frequent interruptions. Traditionally, these telecommunication stations are powered by diesel generators, resulting in a significant increase in operating costs and, at the same time, the instability of reliable operation of radio-relay equipment.

Solarpro Holding’s team has developed an innovative photovoltaic hybrid system using solar energy potential, thus providing clean and reliable power to base station power, partially or completely replacing the use of a diesel generator. The hybrid system includes photovoltaic modules, rechargeable batteries, conversion technology and configuration software, and remote monitoring of operating data.

Main Components:

  1. Photovoltaic modules – polycrystalline or monocrystalline technology with a single power output of 275-310 Wp
  2. Supporting structure for PV modules – made of galvanized steel
  3. Container – it features electronic equipment and rechargeable batteries
  4. 19 “metal cabinet – integrated power transducers and controller to monitor, configure and manage the entire system. The metal cabinet contains the following components:
    • MPPT DC / DC Charging Controller for Photovoltaic Modules
    • AC / DC Charge Controller (Recharger) to Ensure Charging of Batteries When Diesel Generator Works
    • DC / AC Inverter – To provide alternating current power when needed
    • Controller including remote monitoring option by containing an integrated WEB Server. Built-in programmable controller (PLC)
    • Battery pack – GEL technology lead-acid batteries with 2500 cycles of service life.

Benefits for Base Station Operators

  • Reduce diesel consumption by 30 / 100%

  • Reduce power interruptions caused by technical failures in diesel generators

  • Significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs

  • Use clean energy that saves CO2 emissions

  • Return on investment – 3-5 years depending on the location

Advantages of the Solarpro Holding system

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Use of highly efficient and reliable components

  • Modularity – Easily increase capacity in larger installations. Providing power to base stations with a constant consumption of 500 to 3000 W

  • Intelligent remote monitoring and diagnostics system

  • Optimal configuration and design – Long service life > 25 years

Solarpro Holding can provide services to develop a fully customized solution that fully meets customer needs.