The entirely new and innovative system allows all of the energy output from the PV modules to be used for water heating by direct connection to the electrical heater without converting the direct current and voltage (DC) into alternative (AC).

The especially developed DC controller allows the photovoltaic modules to be connected directly to the heater of each boiler without the needed boiler replacement and ensures the work of the photovoltaic modules in the Maximum Power Point (MPP), which ensures the efficiency of the system.

Technical Parameters
PV modules
  • Nominal power 270Wp – 4-8 pcs.
DC controller
  • The DC controller  allows the inclusion of PV modules directly to the heater of the boiler – 1 pcs.
  • Roof supporting structure
  • Ability for pitched (sloped) and flat roofs
  • Required aria – 10 m2
Electrical system
  • Соларен кабел
  • MC4 съвместими конектори
  • Електрическо табло окомплектовано със защитна и комутационна апаратура
General features
Boiler capacity: 80 – 100 l
  • The system has a possibility to produce 1875 kWh of electrical power for one year
  • For the heating of the boiler up to 60°C are needed 3,5-4,5 kWh electrical power
  • The PV system has possibility to provide up to 470 heats of the boiler up to 60°C. This is equal to 37600l of hot water for one year.
  • In sunny days the system has the possibility to provide up to two warmings of the boiler.


  • It is not necessary to replace the boiler

  • Fast and easy installation without the necessity for new piping and all related repair activities.

  • The system is absolutely automated without any need for servicing in comparison with the hot water collectors

  • Ability to work in places which are not connected to the electrical grid

  • Without inverter, which makes the system more efficient and with longer exploitation life.

  • Significantly more effective during winter period in comparison with hot water collectors.


  • Households – houses, villas and apartments

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels and holiday homes

  • Industrial and manufacturing buildings

  • Companies consuming a large amount of hot water