Hybrid photovoltaic system for self-consumption

Special hybrid system which is working in parallel with the electrical distribution grid. It has the possibility to use simultaneously the solar energy, the batteries and the power from the grid in order to provide the needed power for consumption. The system allows energy storage in the batteries as well as feed In  the surplus energy into the electrical distribution grid when the batteries are completely full.

Example configuration
Model4,86 kWp
Average daily gain – Spring / Summer **25 kWh
Average daily gain – Autumn / Winter **10 kWh
Required area (at pitched roof)40 м2
Module’s power270Wp +- 5 %
Number of modules18
The inverter output power4600W
Peak power up to a few seconds1,5 x Pnom for 8 seconds
Capacity of the batteries9,6kWh   |   19,2kWh
Operational capacity50%
Number of cycles of the batteriesup to   2500


  • Lower costs for electricity

  • Production of clean green energy and reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Protection against increase of electrical energy prices

  • UPS function in case of power outage

  • Possibility to use the produced electricity during night time.


  • Houses, villas and apartments, having often interruptions of power supply

  • Hotels, office buildings and industrial companies

  • Administrative buildings