Over the last few years, electromobility has evolved at an ever-increasing world-wide rate. Electric vehicles can provide the transition to a greener economy, significantly reducing carbon emissions (CO2).

In 2015 Solarpro Holding entered the e-mobility market. In partnership with the company “Emobility International” JSC started to develop a charging station infrastructure and to promote the e-mobility on the territory of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania. The presence of charging stations is a significant factor in the development of electric mobility and the increase in the number of used electric vehicles not only in the urban environment but also along the main roads.

Since 2015 Solarpro has delivered, installed and commissioned more than 50 charging stations with wide range of types and power, starting from 3,7 kW for residential application up to 50 kW for fast charging of electric vehicles on gas stations, shopping centers etc.

Available models of charging stations

For home use

The charging stations of this series are intended to be installed in garage spaces and used for domestic purposes. They are simplified as a configuration and do not have communication capabilities for remote access and management.

Model: eHome
Type of installation: wall
Maximum power: Up to 7,3 kW
Rated voltage: 230 V
Maximum current: 16/32 A
IP 54
Plugs type: Type 2/1 (Type 2 / Type1)
Dimensions: 315 mm / 180 mm / 110 mm
Weight: 4 kg

Urban environment

The charging stations of this series are suitable for installation in urban environments and all public parking areas. Equipped with innovative technology for communication and safety devices, the charging station provides easy and safe charging of the electric car.

Model: Urban
Type of installation: On a foundation
Maximum power: Up to 2 x 22 kW
Rated voltage: 230/400 V
Max. Current: 2 x 32 A
IP 54
Number of plugs: 2
Plugs types: Type 2 (Type 2) / Type 2
Dimensions: 940 mm / 450 mm / 195 mm
Weight: 65 kg

For shopping centers, office buildings and hotels

The charging stations of this series are suitable for all types of shopping centers and offices. The station has an authorization system at the start of the charging process, as well as the ability to connect to monitoring and control software that allows real-time data recording.

Model: Wallbox
Type of installation: Wall
Maximum power: Up to 22 kW
Rated voltage: 230/400 V
Maximum current: 32 А
IP 54
Number of plugs: 1
Plugs type: Type 2 (Type 2))
Dimensions: 225mm / 320mm / 109mm
Weight: 4 kg

For fast charge

Fast charge charging stations charge an electric car up to 80% of its battery capacity within 15-30 minutes. Suitable are highways, gas stations, fast food chains, and others.

Model: Terra 53
Type of installation: Foundation
Maximum power: Up to 50 kW
Rated voltage: 230/400 V
Maximum current: Up to 143 А
IP 54
Number of Cable Outlets: Up to 3
Plugs types: CHAdeMO / CCS / Type2
Weight: 350 kg