Solarpro Holding is proud with the best specialists and engineers in every sphere of PV business.

We have a professional approach to every single case, no matter if it is about a large PV project or a residential rooftop system. Our team includes more than 100 proven professionals in different aspects of the photovoltaics systems, which allows us to guarantee high quality of service at every stage of our activity and for every single client.

Our engineering team has a central place in innovative structure as ours. Not only that we develop new products, but we also take care for their appropriate commissioning and following maintenance.

Our financial and accounting specialists are responsible for that, our products to be affordable for everyone. Our intention to apply the best practices through deferred payment schemes, according to the specifics of each product and clients’ resources, is what makes us a market leader.

Our sales consultants will guide you to the most appropriate for you product, with care and personal attention for each individual request.