Established in 2007, Solarpro Holding is a leading Bulgarian company in the field of renewable energy operating in 6 countries in the South East Europe.

The notched up milestones and the sustainable growth of the company are achieved due to the long-term strategy of the management to create disruptive innovations in the smart energy sector.

With focus on integration of clean energy solutions the company is continuously developing innovative projects, specialized in public transportation energy supply technologies, V2G, V2V Charging stations, charging methods for electrical vehicles, PV harvest maximizing, optimizing LCOE of energy storage systems, innovative battery management systems and others.


The first solar module is produced in the facility of Solarpro Holding


Development of Solarpro’s infrastructure for design, installation and maintenance of PV plants


Over 80 MWp power plants commissioned in Bulgaria

Certification according to European standard “Safety class 2” for ground mounted PV parks


Branches in Macedonia and Romania

Commissioning of PV plants and providing maintenance services in these countries

Launching of Smart city Project

Innovative R&D projects related to DC coupled PV solutions


Systems for self-consumption, water heating, E-Mobile infrastructure

Energy Storage System


EPC projects in Hungary

Energy Trading

40+ Charging stations for EV commissioned