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On grid photovoltaic system for self-consumption

The photovoltaic systems for self-consumption provide part of the necessary electricity consumption in the residential, commercial or industrial (C&I) application.

The system is connected directly to the existing electrical installation in the building . As a priority is used the energy produced by the photovoltaic system and the rest is provided by the electrical distribution grid.

The PV modules are installed primarily on the roof of the buildings, as well as ground within the surrounding area.

Typical Configurations
Model 2,7 kWp 4,86 kWp 29,97 kWp
Average daily gain – Spring / Summer 2 15 kWh 25 kWh 150 kWh
Average daily gain – Autumn / Winter 2 6 kWh 10 kWh 60 kWh
Required area (pitched roof or canopy) 24 м2 40 м2 240 м2
System parameters
Module’s power 270 Wp +/- 5%
Number of modules 10 18 111
Total installed capacity 3 000 Wp 5 000 Wp 30 000 Wp
Output data
Nominal output (AC) 3 000 W 4 600 W 27 500 W
Peak output of the invertor None*
Output voltage 230 V AC +/- 5% 400 V / 230 V+/- 5%
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Form of sinewave Full sinusoidal


  • Lower costs for electricity

  • Production of clean green energy and CO2 reduction

  • Protection against the increasing of the electricity prices

  • Systems adapted to each specific client

  • Utilizing of the unused roof spaces


  • Houses, villas and apartments

  • Hospitals and kindergartens

  • Refrigerated warehouses, production lines with continuous process, production of pellets, livestock farming

  • Hotels, shopping centers, business and office buildings