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Mobile system for autonomous power supply


The system is delivered on a pallet together with a user installation manual. The construction is assembled with weights on site and the electrical panel is assembled in advance, which additionally helps for the easy installation process.

The systems are modular – each system is 1 (one) module. There is possibility for up to 6 modules to work in parallel, including for a three phase supply.

Model 1.5 kWp 3 kWp*
Average daily output – Spring / Summer ** 8 kWh 17 kWh
Average daily output – Autumn / Winter ** 3 kWh 6 kWh
Required area 20 м2 40 м2
Surface for installation Flat
Incoming Data
Power of modules 250 Wp +/- 5%
Number of modules 6 12
Total installed capacity 1 500 Wp 3 000 Wp
Charging controller for battery bank 50 A
Nominal Power (AC) 1 600 W 3 200 W
Peak power of the inverter (a few seconds) 4 000 VA 8000 VA
Output voltage 230 V AC +/- 5%
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Form of sinewave Full
Switching time – generator/grid 20 ms
Battery Bank
Technology AGM/ Maintenance free
Nominal voltage 24 V / 48V
Total capacity 4,8 kWh 9,6 kWh 9,6 kWh 19.2 kWh
Using capacity 50 %
Number of cycles > 800


  • The solar systems from the Power Duck series are a budget solution for locations without power supply. They are designed for land installation, the whole system is mobile and able to change its location.


  • Mountain huts

  • Villas

  • Fairs

  • Locations with seasonal power supply

  • Places with no possibility of roof installation